Asian Scene 30th October- Sikh Women Society Play

30 Oct

Saturday 27th October, 12 at the Sikh Temple Pangani, the Sikh Women Society held a comedy play “Amli Sudhar Gaya”. It was lovely to see the ladies all dressed up and turning up in large numbers to support the play and they waited patiently as it took time to start. The plot was simple and there were a few catchy lines that had good laughs but the disconnection in lip-syncing was a distraction. Since the target audience was mostly our mothers, aunties and grandmothers, there was a gap of younger women missing even in the cast selection. It remained traditional and took you back in time as if women gathered around their area to enjoy a skit for their entertainment.







It is high time that the community builds an auditorium and younger women take over and get a chance to reflect their thoughts through more cultural activities. I expected being a Breast Cancer Awareness Month that they may discuss about it, but I don’t recall such a movement or discussion ever, despite many Sikh women silently suffering from various forms of cancer. I also heard a rumor that if you don’t donate or are part of the group then you have no right to say anything about how they conduct their business. These petty differences will continue to retard progress and disassociation to the community.

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