A Tribute to the “King of Romance- Yash Chopra”

22 Oct

Lamhe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who am I to give a tribute to a legend like Yash Chopra, so I am going to say “thank you” by putting down what I have loved about his cinema.

Yash Chopra passed away on 21st October of Dengue Fever.

If the heroine was the protagonist then the hero was not far behind, he gave us Rishi Kapoor as Rohit, Anil Kapoor as Viren, Shahrukh Khan as Veer and so many others. Each character was defined and made a contribution and not just props, nothing in his film was a prop not even the dancers. Thank you for giving the films lots more scope for all departments even photography.

Cover of "Veer - Zaara [Blu-ray] (Bollywo...

Veer Zaara

“Chandni, o meri Chandni”, the catchiest song I have ever heard and which was a fantasy for a woman to have her fiancé or boyfriend sing to her. Thank you for that song and all from your films.

When Sridevi wore the white salwar kameez it was not just a fashion change in her wardrobe but a style statement and a compliment that Yashji gave his heroine. He loved women and admired their beauty and took the effort to show them off with grace, style and dignity. There has never been a vulgar outfit in any of his films. Thus, a white outfit for a heroine became associated with “a Yash Chopra” heroine and his son Aditya Chopra also used it in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Mohabbatein and Rab Ne Bani Di Jodi. I am looking forward to the final white in Jab Tak Hain Jaan and how will it be presented. Thank you for changing the fashion scene in general and setting a standard, which is now being challenged by his best student director Karan Johar.

I have not had the chance to watch his older films but since Chandni I was hooked and he also set a trend for music during weddings. Always note that there is no prominent song at the wedding function but he made the Sangeet or Mehndi full of color, fashion, music and mischief. Thank you for making our weddings such a filmy affair.

Lamhe may have been a box office flop but the film was ahead of its time and it showed the mature vision as a storyteller and director that Yash Chopra possessed. It will remain my closest film ever. The use of the desert, London’s theme park and the bedrooms for the scenes brought out the eye for detail that he had. Everything made you feel like it could have been you or like they say he learnt how to show romance as a fairytale you wish it could have been you. His romance was not between just two people but it was an affair dipped with relationships. Thank you for giving love stories a space of their own.

Veer Zaara was the most awaited film because he said it would be his last and to see the age change he gave Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta was remarkable. Touching the topic of India-Pakistan made the song “Aisa Desh Hai Mera” unforgettable. There you continue to appreciate the messages he used to give through the music of his films. They were like a beautiful conversation of feelings, situation and consequence. Thank you for pushing the limits and trying new things on a large scale, this is called having a big picture.

And now we all wait for Jab Tak Hain Jaan, which brought him together with the maestro A R Rahman and Gulzar and his favourite actor Shahrukh Khan. Who would have thought that the words “jab tak hain jaan” would have become literal for him. Thank you in advance for a “Yash Chopra Romance”.

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