Star Asian Scene 18th September- Guru Granth Sahib Prakash Utsav

18 Sep

It is no ordinary book, it is “the book” made up on 1,430 pages written in the language known as “gurmukhi” which forms the basis of the Sikh language of “Punjabi”. This book is the Guru Granth Sahib and Sunday 16th September was a day of celebration at the Sikh Temple Pangani, Nairobi when it was showered with respect and love through prayer and celebration on its 408th birthday. Sikhism does not practice the worship of idols or people and thus, the Guru Granth Sahib remains the “eternal guru/teacher” in the everyday life of a Sikh. When you step into any Sikh Temple/Gurudwara anywhere in the world you will be greeted inside the prayer hall with the book dressed in layers of material usually embroidered with Sikh symbols or simple designs as a sign of respect to keep it clean, and treasured. The East African Ramgarhia Board and the Ramgarhia Youth Association celebrated the birthday with a three-day prayer known as “akhand path” and had a huge participation from the community in preparing the meals and attending prayer sessions.

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