Star Asian Scene 28th August- Bhai Ram Singhji Guru Gyaan

28 Aug

Today’s youth are challenged with everything from their studies, peer pressure, family ties, religious views and sometimes, simple things like their own mind. There is more than ever need for a guide and it all begins at the community level. The Ramgarhia Youth Association hosted Bhai Ram Singhji from India for a Guru Gyaan camp in Nairobi at the Sikh Temple Pangani on 25th August. Bhai Ram Singhji is the current Chairman of Guru Gyaan Mission Trust, which was started in 2002. He has travelled to over 28 countries starting with New Zealand and completing here in Kenya, spreading the message of how to life a simple life through moral values, social customs and universal brotherhood with teachings from the Sikh Holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib. Upon discussion with the children from the ages of 5 up to 17 it was clear that they had strong opinions and questions about their everyday challenges such as the Internet, use of mobile phones, to religious ones on Sikhism. He designs his programmes primarily with practical examples such as a multimedia discussion, use of films and games using hypothetical scenarios to test their knowledge but also to tickle their minds for views, questions and answers.

Stay tuned to this blog for more on the Q&A of the Amrit/Baptism.

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