Star Asian Scene 14th August- Nakshatra, Musical Play

14 Aug

“Nakshatra” means a cluster of stars that have been liberated through love, life or death. This was also the name of the musical play given by Director and Choreographer Sahil Gada at the Oshwal Centre Auditorium on Sunday 12th August sponsored by Edenville and hosted by the Oshwal Youth League and in aid of charity to the One Touch One Life organization. The play had been split into four parts or stars, Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. The Aries story revolved around the epic love story of ‘Laila-Manju’ and it kicked off the musical. I was disappointed merely because it was yet another one from the Yash Raj Film “Ajaa Nachle’s” climax and not much original production but the dancing. I see this as an easy way for musicals to be done here in Kenya, there is far too much reliance on Bollywood songs. This could be a sign of lack of talented musicians, artistes because there were also more girls than boys dressed up as boys, why?

The show moved on however to a brilliant performance done by Krupa Shah as she played the Libran woman who is raped, enslaved and becomes pregnant. After a short break it was now Sahil Gada’s turn to play the Aquarian who was a mime artist and is heartbroken after the lost of his beloved. It ended on a very good attempt to show the fight of good versus evil of Ramayana under the star of Gemini. Saajan Gosrani who is a talented sound artist opened the show amazing us by just using his voice and the microphone to create music. The dance routines were quite professional and overall I would recommend the show to be repeated to a more houseful audience, which it deserves. Due to holidays and weddings the turn out was fair.

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