Star Asian Scene 17th July- An Evening with Poet Surjit Patar

17 Jul

Very few poets have had the honor of being recognized by their countrymen and bestowed by the highest achievement such as the Padma Shri Award in the field of Literature and Education in India to Surjit Patar. The young team of iSikh set up an evening of poetry, music and a one on one with Surjit Patar on Sunday 15th July at the Oshwal Centre Auditorium. This event was to drive a fund raiser for the iSikh youth camp due next month.

It was convened gracefully by East FM’s presenter Parveen Adam and in the music section was the talent of Eddie Gray on guitar/percussion, famous Kirit Pattni on flute, Pritam Virdee on table/percussion and Upkar Singh leading the team. Surjit Patar shared anecdotes of his childhood days, relationship with his brother Upkar, memorable and breakthrough moments as a poet, appreciation to his wife Bhupinder and love to his children and family of fans that had gathered especially to enjoy the evening.

There were several surprise and impromptu performances and you would feel it was value for money also because the mood remained slightly informal and Surjit was cheerful with the audience but maintained the artist air of words and storytelling. It was also a night of the launch of the labor of love album by Upkar Singh and he was honored by the presence of the famous Ustad Bashir Bhatt.


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2 responses to “Star Asian Scene 17th July- An Evening with Poet Surjit Patar

  1. rajiv bagadthey

    February 2, 2014 at 12:08

    Pls email me Kirit Pattni’s Telephone nos or email address. I would like to contact him. Thanks.


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