Art of Living – Make a difference in your life today

04 Jul
Art of Living – Make a difference in your life today

The youth have always faced tough challenges from acne, weight, grades, social drinking or tough childhoods. Stress levels have become higher and there is a need to make a change, a positive and long lasting one. This is what the Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar aims to do with their Yes Plus programme geared especially for the eighteen to thirty year olds. I met the Kenya teacher Sayten Rajani and simply put this is a transformational course which will be held from the 11th to 15th July. It is one step into an enthusiastic and fulfilling life. This programme is one of the many inspiring reasons why Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was recently awarded the honorary doctorate from the Nyenrode University, Netherlands which has in its 65 years included Mr Nelson Mandela, Mr A P J Abdul Kalam and Mr Bill Gates. Based on the breathing exercise known as “sudarshan kriya” this experience is going to last a lifetime because it is all about fixing the inside.

The Art of Living has recently completed conducting a course at the Kenya Kamiti Prison by the teacher Sonal Nagda.








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