Star Asian Scene 15th May, Kenya Quilt Guild

15 May

hey, these ladies do some impressive work. Here’s the main story:

A million stitches create a beautiful patch work that includes different fabric, color and design. This is what you call a quilt or as Dena Crain, PR officer for Kenya Quilt Guild puts it “three layers of fabric stitched through another three layers”. Kenya Quilt Guild had an exhibition of their members work at the Village Market and I dropped in on Saturday 13th May to see what this favorite hobby of women was all about. It is not the work of a day, week or month but a simple labor of love to create fabulous table mats, bed covers, wall hangings, pillow covers and more. The Kenya Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization and is 18 years old. It is a membership driven club and the quilts are donated to charity at their various exhibitions and projects. As a member you benefit from improving your quilt work through workshops that include international speakers or teachers. It was the perfect shopping opportunity for a Mother’s Day weekend because a lady loves her fabric and giving mum a piece of this work makes her feel accomplished.

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