Star Asian Scene Tuesday 8th May, Kenya’s Aspirant MP- Sonia Birdi

08 May

I know Sonia and would like to wish her all the best on her endeavor. Please pick up the Star copy today to see the story and photos. Once the link on the Star website is up, I will update that, for now here is the Story:


Not long ago I sat down to watch “The Iron Lady” the Hollywood depiction of the former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. As the Kenyan political arena sets in I thought about which woman from the Asian community or perhaps a well-known businessman could possibly make an impact like she did for Britain. Stepping into new shoes and ready to make a difference is Sonia Birdi, the Kenyan Asian aspirant for the seat of MP for Viwandani. Born and raised, as a mwanachi she has studied at the Our Lady of Mercy School and then Loreto Convent Msongari before heading to India for her Bachelors of Commerce and then Masters at the University of Sheffield Hallam. She has been running the family business in Industrial Area, Nairobi and has started a youth empowerment exercise to teach how to make your CV and get better jobs as well as assist a day care nursery modernize the staff and give classes to students to become computer literate and self reliant. Sitting in the everyday Industrial Area traffic she looks around and sees the potential of better opportunities for the people, from better infrastructure to a more developed economic area. She attended a morning prayer at the St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Likoni, Mombasa on 6th May under the banner of the United Republic Party banner which included a speech by Honorable William Ruto on the ongoing drug abuse especially among the youth in Mombasa. He urged the church community to assist them in rehabilitation and when he gave the floor to Sonia she added that the area nearby Ukunda is fertile and can easily become a self reliant agriculture project for the youth to earn an income.  Sonia faces the test of becoming the possible “Iron Lady” from the Asian community and a salute to her to take a dive into making a Kenya a better country through public service.



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2 responses to “Star Asian Scene Tuesday 8th May, Kenya’s Aspirant MP- Sonia Birdi

  1. Kamesh

    August 9, 2012 at 15:22

    excellent Write up and Good Luck to Sonia Birdi.. it is tremendous courage on her part to vie for the MP sit.. God bless.


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