Star Asian Scene Tuesday 17th April, – Vaisakhi at Gurudwara Nanaksar

17 Apr

Dear Readers,

Happy Belated Vaisakhi, here is the story on the trip by Veer Manpreet Singh which narrowly missed the deadline:

Veer Manpreet Singh was born in Jhansi, which is in state of Uttar Pradesh, India but he can be considered to be as the new born baby of the Sikh faith. He is the young enigmatic role model for the Sikh students or those seeking answers for more in the religion. For the ongoing Vaisakhi celebrations, he was hosted at the Siri Gurudwara Nanaksar, Brookside and Thursday 12th April night I attended one of his ‘kirtan diwan’ or hymn session. Weathering the fierce rain and getting there was a mission for me but guess what he has dedicated fans or followers that turned up in large numbers. In my memory I hardly remember witnessing such full participation from the gathering or ‘satsung’ to sing along and acknowledge his lecture the way this gathering did. Veer Manpreet Singh is a gracious story teller and lays down the ‘gurbani’ or Sikh scriptures with subtleness and melody. His message was to go ahead and take ‘amrit’ or baptize when you get your calling because that is the true progress of a Sikh. ‘Amrit’ is considered the holy water which was used to bless the first five Sikhs on the day Vaisakhi was started.


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2 responses to “Star Asian Scene Tuesday 17th April, – Vaisakhi at Gurudwara Nanaksar

  1. Harman Jit Singh

    July 21, 2012 at 18:02

    Can Any One Give me the Email Id of Veer Manpreet Singh



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