Asian Scene, Part 2, 14th February, The Star

14 Feb

It is a sensational hit around the world and has over 20 million views on YouTube but it was also one of the main reasons that brought the house down at the White Pigeon Entertainment concert which featured Sodi Singh, Bupps Sagoo and Jassi Sidhu at the Mystique Gardens. Fans got a taste of the hit YouTube song “Kolaveri Di” from Sodi Singh and Bupps Sagoo, while a group of Desi Dancers added to the performance with good dance steps from famous songs including the latest Bollywood hit “Desi Boyz”. When I met Jassi Sidhu who has been a favorite bhangra artist for many years in Kenya he mentioned that he will be moving into more Bollywood songs especially after the success of “Speedy Singhs” but will also venture into a new career. This then can be called a penultimate concert for his fans in Kenya and electrify he did the stage with his unique voice and energy to get the fans to enjoy the euphoria.











However no night can be complete unless “Bhangra’s Gonna Get You!”. This was the theme and rightly so the Bhangra was at its highest and most entertaining form at the Diamond Entertainment concert at the Carnivore which put together Jazz Dhami, Dj Havey and Shin from DCS.

This was a hands up Desi show which brought back the cool bhangra steps, love for the lyrics and music that brings in happiness and mood of celebration, gorgeously hosted by East FM’s Kamal Kaur. Jazz Dhami, incidentally a diehard Liverpool fan, was energetic and upon chit chat he has studied Indian classical music and was at the Paul McCartney School of music. His passion lies in do what you love the best because that will make you happy. Shin from DCS has been in the Bhangra scene from the time Kenyan television was showing music videos from UK nearly 15 years now and he is still going strong. The night stayed young as Dj Havey continued so spin bhangra smashits.


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