Cheers to 2011 and Big Up to 2012

03 Jan

Welcome to 2012

(This is the unedited version of my column in the STAR newspaper for the Asian Scene, 3rd January, 2011)Image 

If I asked you on which day of the year you felt most alive, you would choose or your birthday or most would choose New Year’s Eve. All comes to a climax, the stress of the year gone by, the dreams not achieved, the targets not hit, the lovely words not spoken to a special one and now a New Year, will I make it this time?

2011 was mostly a tough year with the fuel prices, high commodity prices and various others factors in each individual’s life contributing to the stress. It was no wonder, the party goers wanted economic growth, good times ahead and peace.

So before we go ahead in time, we must reflect back that is why I chose to attend the “Retro Bollywood Nite” at the Lions Eye Hospital in Loresho. When I walked in I immediately noticed the amazing décor and a beautiful cake house made by the caterers of the night. Further on when I stepped into the kitchen by chance, I witnessed the precision and organization it took to make a New Year Eve meal.

My ears were treated to a “talent with two voices” as he is popularly known, Amar (photo). He hit the stage with a famous song from the Bollywood film “Bodyguard” starring Salman Khan. The party continued to rock, with Sodi Singh as he brought the Singh in the House, with “Singh is King” (photo). DJ Sak was dressed in a carefully designed artistic jacket and was at his best at the console, making sure the crowd was entertained. Alisha Popat looked like a beautiful butterfly and the entire team put up a good show.



In all there were more Bollywood tracks and well clad audience, when I asked them what they wanted for 2012 it all came down to better times ahead and peace. Mr Amir Parpia of Alpha Fine Foods looked forward to an even more productive year for the company and security and safety for all. However I do hope we have another film from the Savani family who made “Mwigthania”.

On to the next venue and it was time to get to meet the new youth, where dance and trance music brought in the beats of success for 2012. Organized by Pegasus Media Solutions was the event Trancend at the Hidden Agenda Sarit Centre. Here rocked the modern tunes of the 21st century with trance hits of Faithless to Prodigy and more. Lead organizer in the team, Sonia Birdi was happy to have a good 2011 but is looking ahead to achieving greater heights for the company.



The 2012 expectations here were to build my own house by Monice, while the rest asked for more assistance on famine relief and finally peace for the country.

So what does it take to make a New Year’s Eve Party? You need the DJ, music, singers, décor, food, mobile phones, cameras and of course family and friends. But most of all, without a countdown it makes the day just another ordinary day.

Coming into the Mystique Gardens, Westlands and the crowd was dancing their feet off to the tunes from DJ Gupz and Dj Hussein. The tunnel tent led into a cozy spot where friends and family were chattering about the year gone by and what to expect, taking memorable photos and enjoying the atmosphere of fun and being alive. On the way in I met a newly-wed couple (Shruti & Dhruv photo) and their friends’ who want to get married in 2012, (Kavit & Sheel). They had opted for the traditional Asian way of cooking at a party, the “koroga” style.



The countdown was getting closer and the balloons laid up were full of hope for the New Year. It all came to great ending as the mobile phones began to beep, DJ Gupz counting down to the last second and then came in the hugs and kisses and here was 2012! I was disappointed that the balloons did not release well from the canopy at the moment, but then again this is climax and nothing is perfect.



A few years ago when I worked at East FM, I remember how difficult and costly it was just to make a simple website, let alone have it music streaming live. On 21st December, 2011 the day finally arrived when East FM not only had an amazing website but was streaming live to a worldwide audience. This has been made possible due to various factors and the Zone Infinity team which made it, explains why. The Zone Infinity Manager, David Kamau nails it to the fact that infrastructure has improved enough to support faster download speeds and give more room for creative growth online in Kenya. Since most of us spend time in the office and the traffic held ups keep us locked in at times, and you are sitting at your desk typing away orders for the day’s work, music is an inspiration and good radio even more interesting. This is why East FM becomes your preferred online radio station. The launch was simple with the attention of the appreciation of their loyal listeners and corporate associates such as Dura Coat Paints. The glamour came in the form of the premiere of the Bollywood blockbuster “Don 2” at the Nu Media Cinemas, Westgate (Kunjan & Kamal’s Photo). With internet speeds and laptops or computers more affordable and the social media integration of tools such as Facebook and Twitter, this site is likely to have the largest fan following from Africa to Asia, Europe to America.




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3 responses to “Cheers to 2011 and Big Up to 2012

  1. Francis Kimandi Itemo

    January 7, 2012 at 16:35

    It should be ‘Muigwithania’

    • harleenjabs

      January 9, 2012 at 15:35

      Thanks Francis for the correction. Hope you are having a wonderful 2012 so far.

  2. Raaj Trambadia

    February 21, 2012 at 20:21

    I’m sure the night was rocking 😀 Cheers


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