What about You? Who are you?

18 Dec

In one day I met two people who vehemently disagreed about “The Secret” and that the “law of attraction” was overrated. It got me thinking, how can this be? I was given “The Secret” by a good friend nearly four years ago to cope with difficult times. Since then, I have never looked back but have to admit I didn’t get into it that seriously because I still felt that if I never did any action then I wouldn’t be able to attract what I wanted. Recently I found “The Opus” and they talk a lot about action, adversity, talent and success through the story of the famous violinist Vivaldi.

This was just the answer I was looking for, or was it something I like many others know all along?

Most of the time we do know what we want or what we want to be, but there are doubts, obstacles, rejections, disappointments, lack of money and the list goes on. Where does this all come from?

Nobody is born with a silver spoon, so who should look after you? I believe that the cycle is somewhat like this, at birth until you head into school it is the parents attention, then come teachers who don’t leave till you leave school, somewhere along come friends and enemies too can drop in a lesson, then come work colleagues, a boyfriend or girlfriend and the family, your associates and who you choose to keep with the rest of your life. Thus, technically there is always somebody around you, then there are the books, music, movies, social outings and much more. So why is it after all this you are down, out and hopeless?

Because you forgot about the most important person- You!

A little time with yourself everyday from when you are a child to a grown up, will make a world of difference. You build stronger beliefs about yourself, opinions about others, information on what’s going on, how to do things and more.

All these motivational books are excellent guides but that’s all, they are just guides the action is in you. Most say that but just like they found the sparkle in themselves you must search for it, only then it gives you a feeling of being you and able to get the confidence to move ahead. There is the lesson or talk about giving back and yes it is true, always remember that a piece of you with everyone is like an imprint and they will think of you in good times or bad. The simple old saying of doing good to others is good for you will never fail you, good times come back to you.

I want to say Thank You and Send Lots of Love to one and all that are on an incredible journey of discovering themselves, working with hard times, going through tough relationships and trying to just make ends meet. This about your faith in you and it will all work out.


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2 responses to “What about You? Who are you?

  1. lbwoodgate

    January 1, 2012 at 12:42

    There is an inner voice that we seldom listen to. Reflection is often the greatest source of personal wisdom.

    • harleenjabs

      January 1, 2012 at 16:48

      True thanks, it takes courage to listen to your inside.


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