“I know the MD, I will sort it out!” (Harleen’s Blog)

21 Nov

Nairobi has a terrible culture, but if this is the norm elsewhere please enlighten me. Here’s a typical scenario:

Application to open a Business Account done and handed over as per the Business Bank Manager’s instructions. Now we wait, after all these things take time to activate.

He goes on leave and hands over our file to ‘somebody’ and now starts the drama. Nobody wants to inform us that there was something lacking in the application and to work through it or move forward. Eventually more than 20 phone calls and a few emails later it ends up with the MD! Yeah, their Boss.

The point is that, why are systems so poor here, why is staff so scared to own up, take responsibility and handle a customer? They are always afraid of being fired because as a customers we do get fed up after being swung around and end up right at the top.

Another scenario:

No power and a complaint to KPLC, which is the norm so far. But guess what she never lodged our complaint correctly so the Technical Emergency Team don’t know they have to attend to us. To make matters worse, the team that had come the night before had left a number and he claimed “we are on the way” only to end up saying “it is my day off”. We got to their Emergency office and they are all afraid of getting fired when I asked for their Customer Care Manager’s details.


The team is clearly ill equipped, doesn’t have authority to make decisions or get support from the top.

So they are forced to make do.

The flipside is that the MDs or Bosses say their workers are lazy, steal equipment and can’t be bothered, what should we do?

Really then what should a customer do?

Those customers who know MDs or Company owners personally do make it hell for their subordinates, while a customer who is following protocol becomes collateral damage for this misuse of power. So where lies the solution?

I would recommend empowerment and better schemes for technicians, customer care staff- the bosses need to listen to them.

When we want to get our online banking details, the poor girl had to make at least 7 internal phone calls to get assistance because she doesn’t have access. Why? Build trust, signs NDAs with your employees but as the MD please let the system/process work too even if it is your family or best friend. This is a somewhat blackmail that needs to end so that systems can flow.

Employees you need to voice up, otherwise remain victims and hear abuses from Customers, after all don’t you what to make a difference?


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2 responses to ““I know the MD, I will sort it out!” (Harleen’s Blog)

  1. raajtram

    November 29, 2011 at 21:47

    Hey Harleen…Nice post.

    Its a fact by the way. Whenever you talk to the KPLC people, all you get to hear is – “yako shida” 🙂

    Anyways …Even I have started writing. Please check out my blog and subscribe if you feel like 🙂

    • harleenjabs

      November 30, 2011 at 06:18

      yeah they are suffering and make us suffer more. Sure I will check out your blog too. all the best.


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