Singhs Make a Kill on Ice Hockey! (Harleen’s Blog)

13 Oct

In Kenya, Hockey was the most favorite and popular sport for the Sikhs. But let’s go over to Canada where hockey on ice is the cricket to India.

Speedy Singhs is a simple story written by lead actor VInay Virmani who plays Rajveer Singh, the ambitious Sikh boy who wants to be an Ice Hockey star. He is a promising actor and very cute, ladies you are going to love him!

What I found interesting was the mix of the cast and crew to create this ‘desi’ movie. Producer Akshay Kumar gave the direction to Robert Lieberman, included Hollywood stars Rob Lowe and Camilla Belle and not forgetting the glam touch of Ludacris and Drake. Once again, this film is creating a new platform for an Indian film that has both a Bollywood and Hollywood flavor. I would call this movie the Canadian version of Bend It Like Beckham.

However one change is needed, Anupam Kher is an excellent actor but he shouldn’t play the mean Papaji anymore- let’s give a chance to another one, like Rishi Kapoor in Patiala House was a breath of fresh air.

Russell Peters was at his best naughty self and the rest of the teammates supporting Vinay played their part well. Rob Lowe looked laid back but effective and Camilla really did look like a Hollywood version of Katrina Kaif.

From catchy dialogues, jokes and some touching scenes about what it means to be a Sikh and especially wear a turban, this is a sweet movie to watch with the family.

The music was pretty fun too, H Dhami and Veronica’s Ni aaja ve is simple but catchy and the video where for the first time there is bhangra being done on skates was something new to watch.

Jassi Sidhu rightly adds the touch to the wedding and well done to Josh for Chaddi Wale, while the winner as usual for an Akki film are RDB with their songs Sansar and Shera di Kaum. The Drake surprise was nice and hey I don’t mind if he performed at my hen night too!

Good stuff, looking forward to more original stories.



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2 responses to “Singhs Make a Kill on Ice Hockey! (Harleen’s Blog)

  1. Someone you know

    November 24, 2011 at 13:01

    It’s a never ending circle my dear.

    How can you expect ‘workers’ to be motivated, pay attention and care when their sphere of influence stops at being a warm body.
    If you want people to take responsibility – you have to give the responsibility to care about.

    Performance based salary, targets (measurable and achievable), constructive reviews and less usage of the patronage system would also help.

    • harleenjabs

      November 25, 2011 at 08:46

      Here come the KPIs lol, yeah it has to balance top down and the other way too. But trust me, the stinginess in commissions is the highest here, probably like in most places too.


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