Muigwithania – “Reconciliation”: Every Kenyan had a Role to Play

01 Jul

The Kenyan Film Industry is ripe and expected to earn billion dollars for the country in the time to come. The primary reason is the lack of fund for Producers, Directors, Writers and the Actors.

This nearly stopped the feature film ‘Muigwithania’ but where there is a vision there is a will.

Director Amit Tyagi has written and directed this amazing historical film. Many have heard of the Mau Mau rebels and their fight for freedom against the British colonialists but nobody had captured a story as simple as this that had many beautiful tales to spill.

Yes it is simple but grounded to the message that Kenya still holds together, that of “reconciliation” and that “every Kenyan had a role to play”. After Post Elections violence in 2007 all hope was nearly lost if it had not been for the will of the people.

Just like that in 1954 the British Army had to face one of its toughest challenges in Kenya. The Mau Mau was not going to give up and this was their land, these freedom fighters ended up helping in the downfall of the British and have them leave.

Muigwithania shows a glimpse of this struggle as the Mau Mau General is injured and needs a safe haven while he planned his escape. Local actor Tonny Njuguna played the role of General Rashid with conviction and there were moments when his one word would spill fear down you. His able assistant and then the family under hostage, Mr Patel, his wife and daughter undergo an ordeal they hadn’t expected especially because they were looking forward to their journey to India.

Asians, especially from India were brought to Kenya by the British Army to construct the Uganda-Kenya Railway. Most stayed on and gave birth to the generations till today. Mr Patel’s role was played by the Producer of the film Mehul Savani. He has had a successful career on stage and TV serials and this was a great opportunity to show his love for his home country Kenya.

His daughter in real life Prachi Savani also plays his daughter in the film and sums it well by saying “I was born here, I live here, what more can I do to prove I’m Kenyan.” This dialogue and throughout the film you notice the simple but effective conversations director Amit Tyagi has created. In the youtube link below you can find out more from him on the making of Muigwithania. In fact I highly recommend an evening out with your grandparents or parents who witnessed this revolution, gain of independence and the journey so far.

This simplicity stays in line with the British General, played by world renowned actor Tom Alter. He has been seen in numerous films in Bollywood and this American born actor considers himself more India. His role in Muigwithania was not over done or too much drama. British are subdued but sinister and powerful and that is what Tom delivered.

All’s well that ends well, you must find out for yourself. This film is as rightly put by Tom Alter “a landmark film”. Kenya is full of history and wonderful subjects and this is what producers Sailesh and Mehul Savani have supported. Writer and Director Amit Tyagi has given a subject that will be remembered for generations to come.


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