A Personal Choice- Hijab (Harleen’s Blog)

16 Jun

On Tuesday 14th June, 2011, the Daily Nation reported on a story of Mrs Anisa Bashir. She had sued Kenya High School for not allowing their Muslim girl students from wearing the Hijab.

Mrs Bashir also represented eleven others who had faced this stop. It all started when her daughter was not allowed to wear the hijab to school. The case will now be heard on 4th July, 2011 at the High Court under Judge Daniel Musinga.

The wearing of the hijab is a Muslim practise but till date the debate of whether it is compulsory or not still looms. Recently in the United Kingdom, most British schools also faced similar issues especially after the July 7th bombing. It has been noted that the Quran has no such clear statement making it compulsory. Even in the first interpretations of the holy book by Imam Tabari state that “there is a consensus that women are not obliged to cover the face and the hands.”

Incidentally the niqab or the full veil has also been banned in Islam’s holiest place, Mecca. During their pilgrimage they are not allowed to wear it but in the rest of Saudi Arabia it is a must.

However in Tunisia, ousted President Ben Ali had enforced a ban on hijab because he deemed it as a form of extremism. But now the Tunisian women are now calling for its removal and having the choice to wear it or not. Their bigger problem is polygamy; while the Quran says it is lawful the Tunisian women want that to be banned with immediate effect.

Most religions have a certain type of clothing to reflect their belief. It is not being an extremist but that is what was created as part of the dress code to make them unique. For example the Sikh men wear Turbans and it is a symbol of respect and protection of their hair which is one of the 5 most essential upkeep as a form of baptism.

Terror attacks and their connection to the Muslim faith have blown off the entire representation and belief of religion. The world is uniting in many ways and the merger of castes or people from different races and religions is taking place every minute. The dress code should not stop you from becoming who you want to be or used as a weapon or be seen as a victim. It is a personal choice.

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