Unfair Salary Packages in Kenya

06 Apr

South Africa’s consultancy firm 21st Century Pay Solutions Groupd found that in Kenya the gap between an executive and lower staff is widening more from 2009 and 2010.

In Kenya a top executive can earn up to 1.8million to 3.9million shillings whereas the driver or cleaner get up to 29,776 shillings. Nobody is saying that the cleaner should get a lot more paid to the top executive but down the chain from middle managers to the other staff, the salary package squeezes them all.

In most companies, there is vehicle, fuel allowance, a decent heatlh insurance or even education support given to the staff. For example, a so called Purchasing Manager will have neither of those and if he does dare to ask, then he will be given piles of work to justify the “increment”or “privilege”. Why? Why does a Kenyan have to become an MD or a corrupt Procurement Manager in order to support his lifestyle which is being the Head of the Family, educating children, keeping his parents well and happy?

The unfair treatment thickens when the same position is offered to non-Kenyan. He will get all those benefits plus a salary of up to $ 25000 just to lure him and keep him in the company. Why not empower already Kenyan citizens in your company and have them grow with you? 21st Century director Morag Phillips points out that in South Africa a basic package includes basic pay, stock options, a car and house allowances. These can include health insurance and also flexible hours.

Stock options will never ever be available, most owners or directors don’t want to let go and share the wealth unless they want to expand countrywide and choose the bourse.

Flexible hours will never ever be allowed, try to leave early just one evening to go pick your child from school and you will not only be singled out but given more work to keep you there.

I will not go further into the expat packages versus Kenyan citizens in one company, but do encourage you to read the facts about this growing gap and share this discussion with your colleagues, HR and if possible the “Boss”.

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One response to “Unfair Salary Packages in Kenya

  1. Mike

    April 7, 2011 at 05:09

    Being in talent management i fully concur with the views raised by the writer


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