An Extravagant Wedding!

28 Mar

You might of heard of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but now you are sure to remember “Shaadi 3 Crore Ki”. A concept created by NDTV Imagine and successfully completed last night, this $ 700,000 wedding was a real extravagant affair.

The selected contestants were Ishu and Sheenu respectively, and their closest family members. Who would not dream of such a wedding, where everything from your clothes, jewellery to the decoration are outdoing the film stars or tycoon weddings! But…it got me thinking and paying attention to the family squabbles and the fact that money is never enough in a wedding. They could have been given twice the amount but still it will not fill the greedy appetites of the relatives!

Also, the dowry and the gifts that the girl has to bear are unbelievable.! Why can some of these not cut down? For example I did like the idea of her getting a car into her new family for both her and her husband to use, but then why give her husband’s uncles gold rings? Really is all that necessary?

The spending on clothes was quite a bit too, from an outfit of about $ 20,000 to $ 50,000! I agree that should get some fancy outfit but think about the money that you could have saved and put aside for your future rainy days! Relatives come and go, food and decoration will be criticised, outfits will be soon be forgotten but what about tomorrow?

A lot of splashing, yes sure glamorous for TV, but too much for those who can not afford to have such a wedding ever, I think they should have spent some time talking more about the rituals, meaning of family and a married life…they are the most fragile no matter how much you spend celebrating them..

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