God Bless You

25 Mar

“Hello how are you?” that is the usual greeting and it is nice and easy too. Then comes “how is work?” now this one is nice and easy too, but the best one is yet to come:

“how much are you getting paid? or how are you getting paid? who are you working for? why? where does she come from? is she reliable? why did you leave? why don’t you go back? who are you meeting today? why him? are you seeing him? why are you meeting at a cafe? is something going on ?”

Now those are “none-of-your-business” questions. I have never asked anybody anything personal unless we are in such a conversation prompted by them, so why do I always get this freaking treatment. I know there is genuine concern especially because I have been working since 17 and whatever I do is of interest to one and all! But if I don;t bother you then why are you poking into my life?

All I want are blessings and if I need help I shall seek it, this does not make me proud, arrogant or selfish I believe it is simple space and respect. Maybe it’s because all my life I have been in front of your eyes, my life seems like an interesting soap opera this is freaking drama and I don’t need it!

There is a lot more to talk about in life: for example what a close victory the Indians had over Australia or the death of Elizabeth Taylor or even closer to home, the fact that the Government wants to create a travel tax to pay for the coming budget!

Let’s keep it simple…

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