Salesman of the Year

17 Mar

Targets, Commissions, Orders- how far do they get you? or better yet how far do you go to get them?

In the recent days I have tried to do some Sales for a company and every time I felt there was something missing. There has been a target, there has been a commission but there has not been an order. This has gotten me all worked up, why? Is it the Product? Is it the Price? or is it me? Then I remembered “Rocket Singh”. I put the DVD back on and watched it all over again.

There is where my answer lied. It was not the Product, it was not the price, but yes it was not me. Another company, another vision, another feel- this was not me. I would not run the company like that, I would not make people work like that, and I certainly will not run helter skelter!

It is time for me, and it is time for my way. This is not selfish, this is not stupid, but this is just my vision. Honesty, integrity and lots of love is a few of the magical ingredients needed. xxx

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