Never Again!

16 Mar

In conversation at dinner with a CEO from a Government Corporation and he said “never again!”

The 2012 elections in Kenya are getting all in tenterhooks, from investors to the public whether the post-election violence of last time will repeat itself?

“Never again!”is the slogan and rightly so. This is a beautiful, vibrant, dynamic country which is made up of diverse cultures that have lived together for more than forty years. The shock of the violence left many guessing if things will ever be the same again.

But one thing is common if not the tribes and cultures it is love.

Love for humanity, love for brotherhood, love for a brighter future for our children. That is why I urge you to sign on the petition and help us move forward our fight for the injustice that was caused. Let the ICC take over, let the Hague decide and let Mr Ocampo prosecute.

Visit today: and sign up. We had a voice at the Referendum in 2010 and its success demonstrates the vision that the Kenyan has for his beloved country, do not give up support a fair judicial system and let those who are guilty pay!

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